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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eric Sneo & Chris The Voice - Shut Up & Dance (Pleasurekraft Remix) | Retro, Groovy House

Pleasurekraft dropped their impossibly groovy “retro” house reduction of Eric Sneo‘s Shut Up & Dance.  ”The Voice” and his commands during the intro steal your attention allowing you to follow his voice until the initial melodies drop out from beneath you and you’ve plummeted into the next bars of Kaveh & Kalle’s sophisticated refinement of a hard-hitting house number.

Get it from Beatport 
Eric Sneo & Chris The Voice - Shut Up & Dance (Pleasurekraft Remix)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Feed Me - Little Cat Steps | Catstep

Feed Me is back with a bang. Wants you to feed him.
This track delivers the classic Feed Me sound, making everyone bounce, starting off with some dirty electro wobbles. Then, it slowly builds into what some might refer to as an anthem — the breaks and fierce electro is what Feed Me does best.

 Feed Me - Little Cat Steps | Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. by mau5trap records 

Buy Track from Beatport

Monday, September 24, 2012

Calvin Harris — Sweet Nothing (Feat. Florence Welch) | Tiesto | Progressive, Electro

Calvin Harris and Florence Welch‘s awesome new song “Sweet Nothing”! The song is the next single off of Calvin‘s highly anticipated album 18 Months, due out in stores on October 18.
Calving Harris delivers quite possibly my favorite track from Calvin Harris ever, and with an unexpected collab. Featuring an infectious melody that mixes perfectly with the empowering vocals of Florence Welch. This chick has got it all featuring a wide range of vocal work that is sure to get stuck in your head upon first listen.

Video: Calvin Harris — Sweet Nothing (Feat. Florence Welch)

Calvin Harris Feat. Florence Welch — Sweet Nothing (Tiesto Remix)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dada Life – Feed The Dada | Progressive, Electro House

When Dada Life makes a new track, you always have to follow it, especially if you are a DJ.
 They give these unexpected beats to music you are familiar with. And just as to be expected, “Feed The Dada” is a hard- hitting electro house tune, which contains, in the duo’s own words “the biggest drop ever”. A little dubstep is to be heard. :)

 Dada Life - Feed The Dada

Official Video of Dada Life  - Feed The Dada 

Hook N Sling & NERVO - Reason (Original Mix) | Progressive

It's always refreshing when NERVO drops something.
Here, Nervo has joined with Hook N Sling to create this very fresh progressive track featuring their characteristically seductive vocals over the right pairing of synth breaks and a dirty lead melody that combine to form one of their hottest tracks yet. With tons of schools kicking back in to session today, “Reason” should act as a great end of the summer anthem to remind you there’s still a bit of warm weather left.

 Hook N Sling & NERVO - Reason (Original Mix)  Beatport

Deadmau5 - There might be coffee | Vocal

Deadmau5 is a genius with electronic musical instruments, this song was posted recently, an instrumental track which sounds real good.
Miller has put up some vocals by Eva Simons and it's sounding super.

Deadmau5 - There Might Be Coffee

Vocal Edit:
Deadmau5 - There Might Be Coffee (MILLERTIME Edit) by MILLERTIME

Download the song from millertime facebook page.
 A combination of :
Deadmau5 - There Might Be Coffee (Original Mix)
Eva Simons - I Don't Like You (Original Mix)
Dirty South & The Usual Suspects ft. Eric Thercht - Walking Alone (Original Mix)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Muse - Madness |

MadnessMuse released a new album, The 2nd Law, sometime back and I have just got time to present this to you all, but you will absolutely love it. It's a chill slow track but it has it's moments in the sun.
Check out the video below.

Muse - Madness [Amazon]

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness (Hannes Fischer Radio Edit) | Electronic

This tune has been my favorite tune since I first heard it a couple weeks ago.
Lana Del Rey's voice as haunting as ever, even with the auto-tune. But the remix done by Hannes Fischer, from Berlin btw, has been super awesome. I just love it.

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Hannes Fischer Radio Edit)  

Noisettes, Louis La Roche | Electronic

Louis La Roche has been a groovy producer remixing a lot of good stuff and this remix happens to be an extended mix of the Noisettes’ tune “Winner.”

 Noisettes - Winner (Louis La Roche Extended Mix)

Koop & Yukimi Nagano - Summer Sun (Carlito Remix) | Drumstep

This drumstep is so fresh and summery. Love this track byKoop & Yukimi Nagano mixed by Carlito.
Very uplifting. Summer Smile!
Old Song but still makes me smile..

Koop & Yukimi Nagano - Summer Sun (Carlito Remix) [Amazon] | [Youtube] | [MySpace]

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dubbing Reggae Much | Reggae, Dub

I was off on a holiday a couple weeks ago, I went to a tropical island. Before going there, I prepared a list of great Reggae Dub tracks which I thought I might want to listen, I had been craving to listen to Dub Reggae for a long time and being on a tropical island, it seemed the best possible time.
Here is the list.

Thievery Corporation (feat. Sista Pat) - Wires and Watchtowers [Beatport]  [Youtube]

Augustus Pablo - Keep on Dubbing  [Amazon]  [Youtube]

Poldoore - Banana Hammock (Original Mix)  [Beatport]  [Youtube]

10ft Ganja Plant - Chalwa [Amazon] [Youtube]

Sonarpilot - June Dub - Brendon Moeller Dub [Beatport]  [Youtube]

Missy Elliot - Freak On Remix | Drumstep

Missy Elliot has been missing for a long time, but her fans are still strong.
A DJ by the name Skullee has made an unofficial remix for Missy's "Get Your Freak On" which comes in the category of "Drumstep"

Missy Elliott - Get ur freak on (Skullee Unofficial Remix)

Skrillex and Jr. Gong Marley has their song "Make it Bun Dem" in a remix contest and Skullee here has participated, listen to his mix.
 Skrillex - Make it bun dem (Skullee Remix)

Skrillex and Jr. Gong Marley's "Bun Them" Remixes | Dubstep, Reggae

Skrillex and Jr. Gong Marley had created a song together earlier this year and it was super.
Now there are a couple of remixes on the internet that has been quite as super if not more.

Though the contributions from Culprate, French Fries, and Flinch are definitely notable, my favorite 3 tracks come from Brodinski, David Heartbreak and Alvin Risk.

Skrillex & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Make It Bun Dem After Hours EP

[Edit]: Just found this on the net. Since they're having a remix contest, you would hear more remixes for this song.
Skrillex & Damian Marley - Make It Bun Dem (Teddy Killerz remix) [Go to Beatport to vote]

Mark Knight ft Skin - Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix) | Drumstep

Noisia has been a major influence on my choice for an awesome drumstep song.
Starting with a soft intro but the drop is very much expected, the drumstep does not disappoint here.
Real good, listen for yourself here.

Purchase on Beatport
Mark Knight ft. Skin - Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)

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