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Monday, April 30, 2012

Maui Monday 19

 Happy Monday? That doesn't sound right. Mondays are never happy unless you get your required maui going on under those red eyes and noise-cancelling headphones listening to the best music in the world! :)
3 videos today. Enjoy!
Grab a blunt, click play and flare up!

Check out Aesop Rock!!
Aesop Rock - Zero Dark Thirty

Hood Fantasy - Flosstradamus

Banger huh! Rap-a-rap-rap.. Good production, good rap, Azealia on a roll
Azealia Banks - FUCK UP THE FUN (Prod. By DIPLO & DJ MASTER-D)

Good mASH. chilltastic!
Breakbot Vs Chromeo - Baby Be Night (Ugly Kids Mash)

Not a big fan, hip hop is a simple dose of arrogance and the right attitude. Booyah!
Chris Brown -Till I Die (Feat Big Sean And Wiz Khalifa)

This is some great stuff. Danny Brown impressed me!
Danny Brown - Grown Up

Hoodie Allen, too! Starting by doing covers after covers. Music Videos of his covers to writing his own songs.
Hoodie Allen - No Interruption ( Prod. By RJF )

Kanye West - MERCY ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz (Barbaric Merits Remix)  

Damn. I love this song! You should definitely listen to this song.
KO KO - Float

Logic- Tic Tac Toe

Macadelic - Mac Miller's new album. Get his *free* mixtape from his official page.
Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. Id Labs)

Maroon 5 sounds the same mostly, but not a bad combo with Khalifa.
Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa - Payphone

 Great cover!
The Knocks - Midnight City feat. Mandy Lee (M83 Cover)

Class-A music! chiller.
Niia - Mad World

 "..Sometimes the same is different.." <3
Queens of the Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)

This is the "Jet Life"! Keep a lookout for Viceroy for more "Jet Life" Remixes. I know you want to.
Mark Morrison - Return Of The Mack (Viceroy "Jet Life" Remix)

A video:
Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

Indie chiller.
Swimwear - Easy High

The Griswolds - Mississippi

Enjoy this video. Kanye spittin' words and Khaled spittin' beats.
I must say, they make a good team together
Kanye West Ft. DJ Khaled - Way Too Cold [Theraflu]

Disco Indie.
Van She - Idea Of Happiness

Smooth right. Bobby Ray is having a rap battle with his famous alter ego B.O.B
B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray - Where Are You (iTunes_Version)

Good ol' Ladyhawke
Video: Ladyhawke – Black White Blue
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