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Sunday, January 1, 2012

| Xmas & NewYears Special | J.A.D.E : TheBeginning


Happy New Year to All of you.
We have just entered the new year, Let us join hands and celebrate the year in which we are not going to die, but prosper. We are going to Rise Up and beat down whatever that comes in our way.

JADE, New Year Edition.

CC - Colorblind (O.S. Edit)
Deadmau5 put up a new song last week, a slower track of "I remember"
Deadmau5 - Xmas Stuff


Some Jazz to soothe your soul. 
Miles Davis - Chez Le Photographe Du Motel

Regal Safari remix of 'Where Has Everybody Gone?' from the Memory Thunderstorm EP, available here - http://goo.gl/qz51N
Mozart Parties - Where Has Everybody Gone (Regal Safari Remix)

This one is probably my favorite.
Niconé & Sascha Braemer - Caje [feat. Narra] (Orginal Mix)

Noir - Africanism (Original Mix)

Riva Starr - Flexi Lady  [Beatport]

Silence, ça fume - Guts

Stay Ali - Loner

The Weeknd - The Fall (Sango Remix)

 Live Long And Prosper
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