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Monday, January 23, 2012

Maui Monday 15

For those of you who are new here.
MM: Your Weekly Dose of Mellow Music Only On Mondays,
to get away as far as possible from Monday Blues.
Ranges from Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Slow Rock, Acoustic, and other genres of music that are pleasant.
I collect all the latest from the past week or so and I put up a list of my favorites here to be shared with anyone who passes by here.
I hope you enjoy the Music!

Good Things (Aloe Blacc album)

I'm sure you guys must have heard of Aloe Blacc.

Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar

Yonas did a rap on top of it.
Yonas - I Need A Dollar ft. Aloe Blacc  [Download]

I know this one is not new, but I have just been trippin' on this one ever since I saw MoneyBall!
Lenka - The show

Amazon: Liam Finn - Second Chance

Check out his other work! Azad Right.
Azad Right - Better Days (Prod. by Jonathan Marquez)

Jay-Z - Glory (feat. B.I.C.) 

Folk is in this year.
The Oh Hello's - Hello My Old Heart

Some Electronic involved but this is included here.. Great Stuff Miike!!
Miike Snow - Paddling Out

Little Dragon - Shuffle A Dream

The Two Friends - When You Know (Wiz Khalifa // Two Door Cinema Club)

A catchy tune? Disco Feel!
Kool & the Gang - Get Down On It (Alexandre Louvré Edit)
Lil Wayne - Fly By Night (R3K Remix) 

Favorite of the post!!!
Sol - Need Your Love (feat. Ray Dalton)

Totally different line, but it works!
Oliver - Dirty Talk (Wax Motif remix)  

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